The Short Version.

Jahmaya Kessler dressed up like Superman nearly every day for nearly ten years of his childhood. He was interested in both the ability to fly and save the world. Many years later, he hasn’t given up on either of these dreams, but he has stopped wearing the costume, mostly. Jahmaya began working with clients within the justice system in Boulder County in 2012 and has since worked for the Restoring Our Community Program (ROC), Jail-Based Behavioral Services (JBBS) and Community Justice Services (CJS). He earned his Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder and, prior to that, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Humboldt State University in Northern California. Jahmaya has received specialized training in addictions, trauma, attachment, neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and meditation and remains firmly committed to the cause of helping the underdog. He started working with incarcerated adults in 2012 and became the Program Coordinator for the Boulder County Jail's Jail Education and Transitions (JET) Program in 2014. With great difficulty, he left in 2018 to offer authentic relating training workshops ( in jails and prisons, mentors local kids and maintains a private counseling practice. He was recently excited to get on the TEDxCU stage and share why he believes doing humane work with the inmate population is of value to the rest of the world. Jahmaya lives in Boulder, Colorado with his partner Jade, six-year-old son Orrin and two-year-old daughter Aurelia. When he isn’t trying to save the world he enjoys being outside, playing in his garden, and dressing both his kids up like superheroes and allowing them to beat him up.


The Dreamer and the Dreamed.

The Dreamer and the dreamed is the meaning of my nickname "Jahmaya."  To me this symbolizes that we have a creative role (dreamer) in regards to the reality we live in, but at the same time - we are also surrendering to what is fixed (dreamed) and can't be changed.  We can do a lot to our experience by changing our perspective, but on the other hand we must also learn to turn toward what is and a way of adapting to the static parts of life.  As the Buddha once said: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." We all have to face obstacles and can suffer at times, but at the same time, we are each empowered as dreamers who can shape the way we relate to the hand we're dealt and turn misfortunes into opportunities.  

My joy in life is to help people find the clues to the next step in their life by examining the real and imagined barriers and re-framing, reorienting, and finding new ways to encounter them.  But perhaps it's simplest for me to say that my goal in practice is to let you be you.  I have extensive practice at being an active listener who loves to get curious about your world.  I have training in somatic trauma work, am armed with a wide plethora of mindfulness skills, neuroscience informed, archetypally curious, and can facilitate in depth dream work.  I am an expert at bringing spaciousness to perspective, while getting practical on the details.  I have worked with a wide range of clients, from severe mental illness and people getting out of jail to people people to become entrepreneurs and/or having an existential/spiritual crisis.  I have extensive experience with working with depression, anxiety, bi-polar, addictions, trauma, changing habits and behaviors, and people in spiritual crisis. 

Above all else, you should know that I am a huge fan of human beings (even though I have some big concerns for humanity).  Whoever you are, if you seek counseling services with me - you will be welcome.  I'm not interested in simply seeing your best self - I am fascinated to know the real you.  May you finally have a space to let your guard down and have all of you be seen with unconditional positive regard.  I'm excited to get started...