My goal in practice is to let you be you.  Foundational to being a good counselor - I will actively listen to your experience and never stop being curious about understanding your world. 

I am an expert at bringing spaciousness to perspective, while getting practical on the details.  I promise that I will ask you the hard questions and when applicable, I have large toolbox of interventions. 

I am trained in Gestalt, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.  What this means is I have a plethora of out of the box interventions and experiments, mindfulness skills, and am extensively trained in the body/somatic manifestations of trauma. I am also quite skilled at helping people move from ambivalence into action.  

I have worked with a wide range of clients - particularly with: severe mental illness, depression, anxiety, PTSD, a variety of addictions and/or negative habits, bi-polar, legal issues, existential/spiritual crisis, desire to completely change there life, and with no idea why they want to be in therapy. 

Whoever you are, if you seek counseling services with me - you will be welcome.  I'm not interested in simply seeing your best self - I fascinated to know the real you.  May you finally have a space to let your guard down and have all of you be seen with unconditional positive regard.  I'm excited to get started...    

To see a more comprehensive list of the skills I bring to the table, click the button below: 

Existential Detective Service

One on one therapy has some potentially big limitations... Of particular interest to me is that we only get to know you in the context of therapeutic session.  As someone who has myself done many hours of therapy in an office - I noticed that I have the tendency to put on a mask at times - show my therapist what I wanted them to see. 

As an alternative to traditional therapy, consider having a one time experiential life analysis...  For a minimum of one 8 hour day, I would like you to give me a tour of your life.  It will involve you showing me the working of your life, we will drive to places of importance to you, walk around, you will tell me stories that arise as we do so. 

I will ask questions, take extensive notes, I may take some audio and video clips (with permission) and there may be some in the moment experimental propositions.  At the end of our day together I will reflect what I have seen, and then write up a minimum of a 10 page report on my findings complete with some practical next steps you may wish to take in your life.  If this is of interest to you, it is best done within the context of traditional therapy, and at minimum we should still have an initial consult to see if this may be a good fit.   


3 Ways to Connect!

I have three easy ways of connecting to you:

Option 1: I have an office in Boulder, CO:         

1650 38th St Suite 100E, Bouler, CO 80301

Option 2: All terrain - I can meet you anywhere in Boulder County!  Pick a trail, your back porch, wherever you'd be most inspired to meet. 

Option 3: I am happy to set up a zoom meeting or use any other favorite video chat option. 

Click on the connect button to learn more!  

Public Speaking

I am available to offer short to long presentations on the following subjects:

"Mindfulness in Everyday Life: How Every Moment Can Be Your Practice" 

"How Do We Get to the Good Part: The Art of Having Healthy Relationships"

"The Neuroplasticity of Change: How the Brain Physically Changes in Regards to our Choices"

"Trauma and the Body: Healing From the Worst by Listening to the Teacher Within"

"Humanity in Hard Places: The Value of Compassionate Incarceration"

"Jail/Prison Programming 101: How to Create a Successful Reentry Program Within an Incarceration Setting" 

"Reality is the Teacher: Finding the Guru Within"

"Authentic Leadership to the Bottom 1%"

If any of these areas or something I have written about in my blog are of interest to you, please consider reaching out to me and I would be happy to tailor something to your audience.   




Mindfulness based counseling that meets the client where they are....

I am happy to help get you to whatever next step is best for you.