"Working with Jahmaya has truly helped me to connect more deeply with the various parts of myself… and most importantly, with my TRUE self! 

I came to Jahmaya looking for support with dealing with issues of self-trust, self-love, and healing some things from my past. What I discovered was a safe and playful space to explore the many parts of me, to bring them all to life, and embrace them as the most integrated and powerful self that I’m working to become! 

Before working with Jahmaya, I felt pretty damn lost. My confidence in myself was low, and I felt like I was constantly running away from something in myself...moving around the world...searching for happiness somewhere. Our work together has helped me feel that happiness IN me! I feel confident and directed, like I'm moving TOWARDS a greater vision at last.

Jahmaya has created such a powerful space for me to inquire deeper into who I am, and has helped me to access my inner resources and feel strong in what I’m building. His support has been invaluable in taking steps forward both in my business and emotional resilience and spiritual growth. He deeply cares about this work and about his clients - it’s truly been such an honor to have Jahmaya on my team!! It’s made me feel stronger than ever before, and ready to take on my next level!!"


"When I saw Jahmaya's ad I had this weird feeling like "I should do that."  I'm terrible at reaching out in that way and am actually kind of surprised I was able to pick up the phone.  But I am so so glad I did!!!  Jahmaya has helped me not only understand myself better but my whole life has literally transformed since we began working together.  He holds amazing space and it feels like magical things happen when I see him.   I look forward to our visits because I always seem to walk out feeling transformed, and I don't even know how that's possible every single time - but it's true!  Anytime he asks to try an experiment I encourage you to say "YES!"  I can't recommend Jahmaya enough - he's so goddamn good at what he does."


"Honestly, if you're on the fence about therapy, I highly encourage you try seeing what Jahmaya has to offer you.  He's one of those rare souls who is wise, kind, and an outstanding listener.  He also has the courage to call attention to things that are scary sometimes, but I always feel safe the way he does it.  I've seen quite a few therapists over the years, and this guy really knows what he's doing.  I've never had anyone in my life give me the quality of attention and wisdom that he shares with me every week.  It's such a gift to my life in so many ways.  His services are actually a crazy bargain given all the ways he supports me.  I've never had a therapist who responds to texts, is able to support me in between sessions, and even checks in with progress off the clock without asking for anything.  Paying him for an hour is kind of like paying him for an entire week.

What he makes possible for me is to love myself in ways I've never experienced.  He helps me bring wonder, curiosity, and awe into my daily life.  He helps get connected to the power where I can actually create the life I want.  This may sound cheesy, but my heart feels lighter and my soul feels brighter, knowing that he is in my corner.  I highly recommend Jahmaya's services if you want to change anything or take any part of your growth to the next level."     


"When I first met Jahmaya I was in a really rough place in my life.  I had just gotten out of jail, been struggling with substances, and honestly kind of just hated life.  Jahmaya worked with me, made me feel comfortable, and I can't even believe the shit that went down.  I've never experienced anything like what we would do together.  It was uncomfortable, it was scary sometimes, but in the end I always felt better and somehow more powerful.  Like I could do anything.  I've been sober, loving life, and out of trouble ever since."